Mount Sabrina

“A touch of class” as Generals (a people staying in General Santos City) describes Mount Sabrina. Finally, one of GenSan’s pride aside from the top and promising stars coming from here and aside from being known as “The Home of the Champions”.

their beautiful pavilion is perfect reception for wedding ceremonies.

there tuna like swimming pool :)

at the back is their session hall for different activities you may wish to have, JS Prom, Seminars, Ring hop, etc.

a closer look to their swimming pool

a closer look to there swimming pool & there cottages

wish to have this room while staying here overnight? this caters up to 2-4 personsin a very affordable price

wish to have this room while staying here overnight? this caters up to 2-4 persons in a very affordable price

at the back is their restaurant which serves different kind of tuna delicacies.

the resort is surrounded with this beautiful cliff and plateau :)

so happy to be in this place, parang bagong gising lang :)

so happy to be in this place, parang bagong gising lang :)

‘yan nagsawa na ba kayo sa pictures? I hope you’re not because place like this wants you to crave for more. Because Junior Buyers were very much stress and fed up from work, this was the result :)

For now, Mount Sabrina’s exotic menu includes the sizzling spicy hot tuna tendons. One can even place a special order of tuna drumsticks. For the uninitiated, it is better they discover these Gensan tuna delicatessens for them selves. Of course, nobody wants to miss the tuna kinilaw and the sashimi.

The place is a mere 20 minute ride west of the city. Reservation ahead is best for special menu and arrangement. The resort can be reached through mobile phone numbers 0923-72333070 and 0949-8674725. Landline is (083) 3045341. You may visit their facebook page


Oh so Orange!

Honestly, I really had a hard time composing all the thoughts that comes up in my mind and that I can’t even write it..:) could you help me out?…ok let me start with this. It’s no surprise that summer means bold color, bold prints that’s why I’m starting to wear summery outfit this time and to my previous post and still counting for future post. Let me start with this post of mine which was taken by my sister peyt before I went for the office.

I miss wearing top that reveals my asset, nyahahaha…:) my cleavage since we really had a strict dress code in the office I break the rule this time..sorry po! Just this time, can’t stop myself from wearing this full lace top it’s so refreshing.

thank you for this gift…:)

So how was it for you? Styling your way on a summer day even when your in office, school, church, parks & playground. Enjoy every bit of the heat and ooopppsss lets not forget also that holy week just started last sunday let us all reflect on the one true meaning why Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Keep safe everyone!

Dare to stop me!

Nothing can’t stop me from wearing colorful hues despite the gloomy day in the morning and no one can stop me from taking pictures even again and again lights are off in GenSan. Hayz! When will this huge brown-out be put to an end…nakakaloka ka na ha? Anyways, thanks for my sister for having a patience on me for taking this photo..

As you’ve notice I wear this the same skirt on my last years post but now since Aztec prints are still fit for the summer I made a different twist. A preppy look! From knitted top since its gloomy and raining in the morning down to my Nike sneakers to keep my feet from being wet for the floods and rain drops since it’s out-of-town again for work and its comfortable for a whole day of walking and standing and lets not forget also that its summer season so go for colorblocking accessories.

So how was it for you? Would you dare to stop me even if I’m enjoying it? Please let me leave you with this beautiful quotes before I ended this post “May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in you dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterday.” More shots to post tomorrow, have a blissful night everyone!

There are faces on my pants!

see faces of Madonna & Marilyn Monroe? there pretty so cute...:)

see faces of Madonna & Marilyn Monroe? there pretty so cutie…:)

When I first saw this pants the first word that comes from my mouth is “awesome”. You? What do think about this print faces of Madonna and Marilyn Monroe? Isn’t it so cute? Chic yet corporate, I just have to wear minimal accessories so I won’t overshadow the prints on my pants and I just have to match my accessories to the pieces on the neckline of my tank top. Hope you like it!

Black & White

Black & White

Before I’ll leave tomorrow let me post this beautiful dress of mine that’s been kept in my closet for so long time. The story? I was just inspired by the bloggers in abroad and local wearing their every pieces of black and white with different styles and stories so I did grab mine. We’ll it’s because it’s summer! (even this post doesn’t look like summery piece) :) but still this basic color is in trend for the spring summer collection so grab your own now and tell your stories.

I’ll be missing you guys. I’ll be away for 1 week and I promise to post every outfit of mine when I come back.