Oh so Orange!

Honestly, I really had a hard time composing all the thoughts that comes up in my mind and that I can’t even write it..:) could you help me out?…ok let me start with this. It’s no surprise that summer means bold color, bold prints that’s why I’m starting to wear summery outfit this time and to my previous post and still counting for future post. Let me start with this post of mine which was taken by my sister peyt before I went for the office.

I miss wearing top that reveals my asset, nyahahaha…:) my cleavage since we really had a strict dress code in the office I break the rule this time..sorry po! Just this time, can’t stop myself from wearing this full lace top it’s so refreshing.

thank you for this gift…:)

So how was it for you? Styling your way on a summer day even when your in office, school, church, parks & playground. Enjoy every bit of the heat and ooopppsss lets not forget also that holy week just started last sunday let us all reflect on the one true meaning why Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Keep safe everyone!


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