As promised I’ll be updating this blog from time to time, so tadah this is it ;). Since I’ve slipped to update my baby for how many months I have so much back clogged pictures for yah so lets make it easy and I’ll be posting pics randomly. I have so much in store for you guys so keep updating..feeling excited ;)


You see I have so much talk in here that I forgot to tell you about my post, it’s the evidence that I miss doing this. So back to my post, last May we went all the way to Guangzhou, China for some works to do so as soon as we’re free the next itinerary is? Shopping! And I’m so happy that we passed by in this Japanese Clothing line brand Uniqlo and saw that it’s monster sale. I should have to used this word because the shoppers are like they’ll be taking the whole stocks in the shop like theres no tomorrow. That’s how they love the brand. And I’m so happy I did pick up this skirt of mine.


As you can see the details in my top it’s a sheer with prints of skulls on it using glitters. The funny thing is you have to wash up after wearing this because you will be having a whole lot of glitters in your body and it’s not comfortable anymore if you let it stay the entire day especially on your underarm ;)


But sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort just to be fashionable tiis ganda ikanga.


So how was my corporate look of the day?


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