Embracing Change

Today is the debut of my new hair cut! I love the impact of having a big change in myself like the talk here and there. Being a talk of the town (office) not just for a day but for days.lol!..peace guys. Why they can’t? I just did a hair re-bond on January and here my bipolar state of mind having it pixie cut. It’s been a long plan to have it cut short and when circumstances strikes in, tadaaaaaa…..hello pixie cut hair. Well I guess it really suit the coming of the summer season, right? (what an excuse) lol! You know me guys I could not stand on just having one look, I’m not just versatile on my outfit but on my hair as well. Sorry my crowning glory you’ve been bombarded with so my hairstyles and colors but I know you like it too, right? lol! But honestly, I really love the result. Seeing myself in the mirror makes me utter, “Oh boy, your really such a handsome ass”. lol! Kidding aside, I really can’t believe this cut suits me aside from convincing me always with my office mate Jayzel that it will going to be perfect for me because I have a very cute face? Right there guys? Cute! ;) I think I have to stop talking in here and I’ll give you the chance if it’s a thumbs-up or not. Still hoping you will agree with me. :)



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