Ripped Jeans 5

It’s been an out-of-town work again and I have to wake up early so I can fix myself early (dah been so late how many times even half day just in changing appropriate outfit for the office) so I can take a few shots for you guys. But this time no no no for a corporate attire, yehey, so happy that I can be with maaahhh self. Lol! I just don’t know but I do love a street style look, an edgier, a fiercer. We’ll I guess it’s the complications you put into it that gives an extra challenge. Like what I’m wearing now, there’s nothing we can like and feel even more when we’re comfortable and look effortlessly chic. Ripped Jeans is back in town! But don’t fret! You don’t have to spend your money even swipe your credit card just for a new jeans. So pull-out your old jeans in your closet and DIY (distress/do-it-yourself)! You will just be needing a scissor and a sand paper and please don’t forget the magic tips for a good result, enjoy and be happy doing it. I tell you, it’ll be with so much fun you can have your best buddies if you want. My FOLDED AND HUNG jeans has been with me for quite so long now but it always never fails to give me comfort in a fashionable way. Since I would still be working, this sheer top is the right amount to balance the whole ensemble and a stiletto to highlight my legs and balance the loose fit of my jeans.

Ripped Jeans 7

Ripped Jeans 8

Ripped Jeans 4

Ripped Jeans 10

Ripped Jeans 11

Ripped Jeans 9

Ripped Jeans 1

Ripped Jeans 2


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