This has been super late post from my last trip to Bangkok. Asking why I’m always got to travel in that place? Traveling to Bangkok, Thailand is always been a part of my job since I was hired as purchaser last 2011. That was such a great opportunity given to me, to God be the glory. From then on it open my passion for fashion that was once hidden and I so love the challenge, the thrill, and the uncertainties the fashion brings. The forecasting, the brainstorming and the chance for you to be able to impart ideas for the customers and for you to never stop teaching and pouring yourself with the knowledge the fashion brings with you. Back to my outfit, I love the versatility of this denim jumper, you could be able to pull the straps attached to it for a wearable short shorts. For an added summery look you can have a cropped top on it but I manage to pair it with an anchor print t-shirt because hey who will not gonna love the prints on it?











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