Because its my Birthday


Hey hey heypebirthday to me! :) I tried my best to squeeze my schedules on my birthday last May 26 just to post this pictures during my natal day but due to the busy schedules and meeting of friends and team success after the team building we just had (I’ll be having another blog post for this) I failed to do so. Hey I’m 27 now but it felt like I’m 18 years young :) hahahaha…anyways I don’t celebrate fancy birthday. I usually spend it with my family and closest friends out-of-town to bond and to relax, to think and unwind and to thank God for the years of guiding, providing and loving me and now as I advance my age I know there are a lot more of opportunities God is in-store for me. For the last 26 years of my life, there has been so many ups and downs, I failed so many times in relationships, choices, etc.but still here I am standing still, moving forward and embracing life because hey the only constant in this world is “change” so you have to be armed for you to be able to continue the what we called “life” but don’t forget to enjoy life to its fullest. Hope you enjoy the pictures I will be sharing just like I do.





Visit NRC2 Garden Resort at Barangay Mabuhay, General Santos City.




Celebrating with me is our pure pride and joy baby Jaden Blake.







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