Over-all Prints


When it comes to my outfit I’m always playful. I’m trying to match things that others might not be comfortable wearing or they doesn’t even think or try it would look perfectly good together. Just like this aztec + stripes + florals all prints together in one combo interesting outfit. The key is as a beginners and I’m always saying this is you always pick a color from the whole ensemble as your color for your footwear or bag maybe and go for minimal accessories so it won’t over shadow the whole thing. See? Fashion is not that scary yes it’s complicated and others may not be able to understand it but I believe we are all born with our own sense of fashion, we just differ in ways on how we choose to interpret it. For as long as you feel good and confident about it, bring it on baby! Welcome to the world of fashion complications ;) does it sounds good together? lol! And see it for yourself.









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