Lippie Boyfriend Jeans


The androgynous of me strikes again! I think I am a male version of me in my previous life because I love playing masculine suits with a twist of feminine version and acting like one, yay :) lol! As you can notice with my face here I’m so pretty haggard :) chos! Because I just came from a flight gearing immediately to work and having lunch with office mates celebrating the growth we just achieved last month. Oh yah, we’re meeting quota again, thanks God! With my outfit here, I prefer to wear t-shirt but with a statement print and a high-cut shoes because whenever I’m having my flight schedules I prefer comfort without sacrificing fashion style. Boyfriend jeans for me is a very versatile piece because hey even if it’s a distress and baggy you can play with it from a casual, street style and even an office friendly outfit. With a right amount of accessories, make-up and good pairing of top and shoes then your good to go. I recommend for a casual outfit to used gladiator heels for an added height and a cropped top then your ready to run errands and meet with friends.