Travel Diary: Singapore Day 1

Please allow me to post three countries that I’ve been to for my recent trip, one from Singapore and Indonesia a personal trip of mine and the other post fresh from my last week trip from Guangzhou China, this is of course a business trip. Having said that, it won’t be complete and fun without your best travel buddies with you. And I’m so happy and blessed to be with these gals whenever and wherever. Writing this post means craving for more trip and adventure and I’m starting to miss the whole lot of Singapore experienced.

IMG_0636IMG_0548 IMG_0568IMG_0551IMG_0562IMG_0498IMG_0497IMG_0544IMG_0501IMG_0536IMG_0559IMG_0570IMG_0500IMG_0510       IMG_0580 IMG_0581 IMG_0593 IMG_0595 IMG_0601IMG_0613 IMG_0614 IMG_0615 IMG_0621 IMG_0631IMG_9657IMG_9670 IMG_9671IMG_9680 IMG_9675IMG_9706 IMG_9695 IMG_9709 IMG_9710IMG_9747IMG_9794IMG_9795IMG_9798IMG_9807IMG_9810IMG_9813IMG_9829IMG_9831 IMG_9835 IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9845 IMG_9847IMG_9851 IMG_9857 IMG_9859IMG_9870 IMG_9871IMG_9877IMG_9881IMG_9884IMG_9888 IMG_9889 IMG_9893IMG_9903 IMG_9904IMG_9915 IMG_9911IMG_9916IMG_9920IMG_9922IMG_9939





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