Some Neutrals











Did my first post of the year. Hope you had a blast with your last year 2014 journey and lets start this year 2015 with a much more cleaner slate. I am not a person who makes new year resolutions because I am just too dependent to God and just accept what life has to offer and deal with it. But now I’m changing a bit of the route and why not try this out. Here’s some resolutions I want to share with you.

1. To draw more closer to the Lord.
2. To be more humble.
3. To have a positive mindset.
4. Learn to be sensitive enough in what I say or do.
5. To accept things that I cannot change.
6. To challenge myself to do the things beyond my capacity.
7. To be more productive at the office.
8. To live an active and healthy lifestyle and achieved the normal body weight.
9. To save more.
10. To be more risk taker when it comes to career and decision makings.
11. Not be lazy in updating my blog.
12. And to do no.1 all the more.

So I did! It may sound so simple and should have done that before but who cares this is me improving myself up to the highest potential I can be until I won’t reach it I will not settle for less. How about you make your own too and lets all be together in reaching that highest point? May you have a blessed and blissful New Year ahead of you.